We are experts in the flow of creation and the ever-changing requirements of people. We change based on the forces exerted on us and you. Our team is always evolving to help our clients thrive and adapt above the competition. The sun never sets on our workflow.

Nate Finlay FOUNDER / CEO Nate’s experience in business strategy, brand direction, manufacturing, and sales distribution has supplemented his training as a professional industrial designer, enabling him to lead with a broad perspective throughout the entire product development process.
Cam Nielsen PARTNER / CDO / US STRATEGY Cam brings a wealth of experience crafting innovative consumer tech products for brands like Polk Audio, HP, and Altec Lansing. He helps ask the right strategic questions to maintain a customer-centric perspective.
Spark Lee CHINA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Since founding a successful sports club in 2004, Spark has built and grown a sales team of 7 and transformed an overstretched company into a lean operation as VP. In his current role, he actively helps Chinese clients to gain international competitive advantages from our sister company, Proshare Int’l.
Jacob Malaska INDUSTRIAL DESIGN  Jacob is currently a senior in Brigham Young University’s Industrial Design program, acclaimed for its focus on user-centric design. When he’s not sketching new product concepts, Jacob can be found crafting a new experimental sewing project, practicing digital concept art, or in a remote location in his adventure van.
April Luo PROJECT MANAGER Doing project management is like planning a trip. You think you have everything planned and you have clear expectations, but there will still be unexpected surprises that come up. I love taking on different kinds of challenges and exploring the unknown.
Quinn Bell BRAND DESIGN ADVISOR Our resident graphic and brand design expert, Quinn is the personification of a left brain thinker who channels his boundless passion for excellence into every project. He advises our team on all branding projects and is on-call for any situation requiring a master’s hand.
Kaiser Alexander BRAND DESIGN / CHINA CREATIVE  Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Kaiser brings passion, focus, and raw graphical and illustration horsepower to visualize the future of your brand and company.
With over 10 years of team leadership and technical experience in systems manufacturing, Lilian ensures maximum efficiency and quality by creating and coordinating schedules, new project request for quotes, design implementation, manufacturing, test engineering and quality systems.

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