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brand positioning
Research + Validation
Trend Synthesis
user experience
Distribution Strategy


Name + Personality
Logo Design
Brand Visual Identity
Marketing Language
Packaging Experience
Web Development


Concept Sketches
Concept Development
3D CAD Modeling
Photoreal Rendering
CMF Studies
DFM Review


Material Selection
Specification Docs
Factory Finding
Quality Control
Supply Chain Logistics
Factory Visits
Vendor Collaboration
  • Concept Sketches
  • Concept Refinement Process
  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Color & Material Studies
  • Manufacturing optimization review
  • Brand Name and Personality
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Marketing Material
  • Packaging
  • Web Development
  • ECommerce
  • Trend & Market Research
  • User Experience
  • Merchandising Plans
  • Product & Brand Positioning
  • Market Landscape
  • Brand Positioning
  • Product Feature Matrix
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Material selection
  • Specification Documents
  • Technical Drawings
  • Factory finding
  • Quality control
  • Manufacturing logistics
  • On-site factory visits


We help you ask the right questions and formulate a compelling plan based on your long-term goals and the current landscape of your market. This reference point allows us to move forward with confidence and ensures smoother collaboration and better deliverables.

Market Landscape

In this exercise, we examine current market conditions and the positioning of existing competitors. Ooblec walks you through the process of deciding whether to evolve and be similar to competitors or if you should differentiate through blue-ocean innovation.

Research + Validation

Because we understand the value of maintaining a user-centric approach, Ooblec incorporates various research techniques to validate assumptions and provide leverage and confidence that ensures consensus during the development process.

Trend Synthesis

We are constantly monitoring ever-evolving trends in culture, technology, products, branding, and international news to better help our clients capitalize on current opportunities in a way that aligns with their short and long-term goals.

Business Dev

We help you zoom out and look at the bigger, long-term picture. We review current resources to best decide how Ooblec and our network can help you take the next step towards a bigger, brighter future.

Feature Matrix

Whether or not you are pursuing a path of innovative disruption or measured evolution, it is worthwhile to examine current offerings in your category and distill relevant ideas and expected features into a potent, laser-focused product line.

Distribution Strategy

Whether you’re an existing retail brand looking to diversify or a startup looking to get some revenue momentum via Amazon, we can help you formulate a plan that best fits your needs.


Who are you? What do you stand for? What are your values and your story? No matter what your business model, you need a compelling brand that people desire on an emotional and psychological level. We help you ask the right questions and create top tier products and visual assets that will be memorable, build loyalty, and drive sales.

Name + Personality

What does your name say about you? If your brand were a person, how would people describe them? Brands are living entities that evolve over time. They should embody your company strategy and values.

Logo Design

You can have -a- logo, but a great logo can exponentially increase your brand appeal by making it memorable, distinct, and beautiful. This helps accelerate your growth and loyalty by capitalizing on the speed of trust.

Brand Visual Identity

Your brand is more that just a logo. To unlock its full potential, each visual ingredient must reinforce its core message and strengthen its emotional appeal to your customer base. Ooblec creates a strong library of assets to build trust through consistent messaging.

Creative Direction

Although we rarely create ongoing marketing content directly, clients often prefer to involve us in crafting key marketing language, sales assets, and photo/video shoots to ensure consistent quality and messaging.


Packaging is the first tangible touch point that customers have with your brand and products. Ooblec can help you make a memorable and positive first impression that promotes loyalty and word-of-mouth.

Web + E-Commerce

Ooblec is adept at crafting websites that will help you take your business to the next level. From corporate marketing to consumer-centric e-commerce, we can help you upgrade for a more pleasing and compelling user experience.


Our primary skillset and training – this combines our industrial design, technical expertise, and extensive real-world experience to create innovative beautiful products that are easy to use and inspire trust and loyalty.

Concept Sketches

We visually explore as many ideas as possible. Various forms, user experience, and material combinations are considered. The most promising concepts are selected based on brand fit, user experience, market differentiation, and cost.

Concept Refinement

Is phase two we consider the best concepts in greater depth. What are the manufacturing and cost ramifications of each idea? Ideas and features are explored, combined, and remixed to discover the best way to combine and arrange all variables.

3D CAD Modeling

This is where your idea starts to become tangible. Ooblec uses industry standard CAD software (Solidworks) to construct the final design concept. This step is essential for generating 3D prototypes and sharing reference design files with manufacturers.

Photoreal Rendering

Using the 3D CAD model, we use professional rendering software to generate realistic images of your product. These powerful tools for sales and marketing as well as communication with manufacturers and finalizing your material palette.

Color + Material

With extensive experience in materials and manufacturing combined with strong understanding of color trends and their nuanced application to various contexts, Ooblec can guide you through this process with confidence and maximize appeal to your target user base.


Prototypes are invaluable for validating ideas and assumptions instantly through direct tangible experience so the project completes faster and with better end result. They are also potent assets for sales, marketing, and manufacturer reference.


Ooblec Founding partner Nate Finlay leads a veteran project management QA team based in Dongguan China that oversees dozens of concurrent projects across all of Asia. We are uniquely equipped to support your production needs by leveraging our existing vendor relationships.

Material Selection

Our extensive development experience enables us to recommend the best material palette for each context. No matter the budget constraints or brand ingredients, Ooblec will maximize the emotional impact of your product to evoke desire.


This phase is crucial to ensuring that brand and product assets are not lost in translation. Specification documents include thorough visual imagery, explanations and documentation to ensure clear understanding between you and your manufacturer.

Factory Finding

Ooblec’s international office has a well-honed procedure for vetting manufacturers. We can recommend existing trusted suppliers or find new ones that best fit your needs. Our ever expanding network includes China,Vietnam, India and more.

Quality Control

Well-crafted QC parameters strike an optimal balance between production efficiency and exceeding high customer expectations. Our detail-oriented team is adept at ensuring success.


Decades of product development experience allow us to help you effectively plan the logistical aspects of your supply chain, ensuring a healthy management of inventory risk without missing out on big opportunities that may arise.

Factory Visits

In addition to long-term support, our team can also provide on-demand, on-site assistance to help you resolve any urgent challenges with your project. Our combined design and production experience allow us to turn big problems into win-win solutions.

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