We Specialize in Turning New Ideas and Innovations into Commercially Viable Products.

Do you have an idea for a product but you're unsure how to get it designed, manufactured and ready for market? Ooblec is a USA-based innovation consultancy that he helps people with great ideas turn them into commercially viable products through great design with a solid respect for mass manufacturing and an ideal path to market. If you're interested in getting your idea to market quickly and profitably, click the button below to see our latest video case study.


$146K Launch Year Revenue2nd Gen Product Redesign


$268K Amazon Revenue5 SKU PRODUCT LINE




$108K REVENUEFirst 8 Months on Amazon

Polk Magnifi

$800K Revenue w/ 6 SKUsNational Retailer Placement

Rapid Reboot

2x Revenue to $8Mlaunched @ tokyo olympics

    Product Design
    & Manufacturing,
    Delivered to
    Your Door,
    Ready to Sell.

    1. Strategy

    Identify the best opportunity for success, plan your path to launch, and validate the profitability of your idea

    2. Product Design

    Create the tangible product that provides the best and most appealing user experience for the most economical cost

    3. Brand Design

    Create a brand that helps you stand out from competitors by connecting with the values and emotions of your target customer

    4. Manufacturing

    Collaborate with manufacturers to ensure a high quality product delivered to your door that exceeds customer expectations

    Big Time Experience,
    Applied to Ecommerce Startups.
    300+ Products & 50+ Brands Launched

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    What we will cover in your strategy session: 
    • How Ooblec's unique hybrid approach can help you save on costs without sacrificing beautiful design or customer experiences.
    • How to position your product & brand as the premium option in your category and maximize profitability and sales revenue
    • Your best strategies and techniques to develop innovative and differentiated products while minimizing manufacturing complexity
    • Estimate your project timeline, design, setup, and manufacturing costs to make decisions with peace of mind & confidence
    • How you can stop wasting your time and money trying to hustle manufacturing yourself as a lone wolf startup founder